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The Ego.
An aspect, a concept to explain the unrestrained vanity of human beings.
What other place than LA, is it better to observe the vanity that lies dormant in humans? 
In summer of 2016, my eyes became keen observers of the LA grandiose.
Celebrity status, Warhol's prediction of 15 minutes of fame became realized.
The need of attention, the approval of society to feel appreciated and known.
These paintings were created from magazines i found around LA. 
At the time i was living in a very spiritual matter, meditating, exercising, reading and creating art to share. 
Nonetheless, something in me wanted more, you could say the LA dream became prominent in my psyche.
Whatever external gain, i knew would not grant me everlasting happiness, the hunger for more will continue if i chase what lies outside of me.
After such realization, i knew i could not lose myself, so i launched towards full vanity to explore the energies of pride and self-centric in the City of Angels.
Portraying others as Gods and Goddesses of LA, like laying flowers on the feet of Apollo and Aphrodite, I painted in monochrome tones and bewildered strokes of excitement.
These were balanced by more melancholy tones, the echoes of one's perhaps overdose of vanity became apparent.
I invite you all to witness the grandiose and unwanted solitude that afloat the city life.
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