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Ojalá: An Immigrant's Palette

Mexican Consulate of LA

February 16th - April 29th 

     The Mexican expression “Ojalá” beckons you to celebrate the spirit found in resilience, to recognize strength within vulnerability and to celebrate the vivid spectrum of an immigrant’s experience.
This exhibition wishes to encourage a dialogue on the intersectionality of identity, culture, love, the pain of separation, and resilience. Vasco challenges preconceived notions and hopes to spark a discourse on the chaotic elements of migration, emphasizing that the immigrant experience is not a monolithic narrative but a diverse spectrum of stories waiting to be shared.
     The body of works presented unfold as a chronicle of the artist’s own evolution, mirrored in the work. Each piece offers distilled infusions of challenges faced, victories won and the seemingly impossible dreams which persist. Influenced by films such as La La Land and The Secret life of Walter Mitty, many of the paintings offer a similar solace in never ending romances, suspended in time and space while also providing elements of how they differ when experienced by immigrants.
The works presented offer a glance into the joy of connection, the pain of separation and the vigor of the heart in the face of heartbreak. They are an exploration into the depth of human connections which transcends borders and cultures.

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