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We are all expressions of consciousness, expressing itself in an array of infinite forms. All of us carry the potential for limitless ways of expression. We often come across experiences that allude us away from this truth. What is and always will be the greatest gift of mankind, is the transmutation of base metal to gold, of suffering to enlightenment. We all carry this ability, and Julia Schwartz is here to remind us.

“I looked at these images of disasters, and it really had an impact of me” 


The beginning of one indicates the end of another, such is the flow and rhythm of life. 

The inhale and exhale, much like the ocean waters, we can perceive this humble truth of nature everywhere.

Julia's studio is no exception. As one walks into her studio, we are surrounded by artifacts that indicate the workings of a mind that has experienced life changing events but through them has found new profound ways of expression.


One form disappears, and another is born. 

A tree falls, burns, but through the ashes it leaves behind, new life sprouts forward.

Much like water we must remind ourselves that we carry the ability to transform at any moment, whether that is to transform ourselves or to transform other things.

Julia carries this knowing and applies it. Grinding up old journal entries that carry strong past emotional emphasis, she destroys them like a wild flame, only for new forms to spring into existence from the destruction of these sheets of paper. 

"Good work needs to look back at you, like a human face would.

If it doesn’t look back at you, the human connection is missed and that's not successful to me.

I am a human being in a place, in a certain time period in history and I am grounded in my situation.

I stopped thinking about composition or formal quality , these things aren’t of consideration.

I hope that my work is a face in a place that stares back."


From the ashes of painful memories, she sparks a new energetic grid with these objects.

They no longer carry the same energy they once did, they have been transformed by the gentle touch of her hands. With a sharp look in her eyes, she pours and constructs new artifacts with ease, her need for expression is met by the arrival of these new sculptures. A true act of metamorphosis.

She carries the flame for all of us who have suffered. Simply with one look at the form and detail of her sculptures, we can feel the hands of a human being who has surrendered to the flow of life and enveloped herself in the joy of her expressions, giving us  the rare opportunity to witness the work of a being who has reached a profound understanding of nature. Just a moment in the presence of her work we can feel that indeed, it truly stares back at us.


We are here then suddenly we are gone, leaving all who knew us with just memories of a form consciousness once took. Julia experienced such a departure in 2014, ever since then I have witness her growth through such intense suffering.

So when I gaze upon these objects, I know their source.

And now you do as well

Know that the hands which craft these objects carry wisdom and gentleness despite coming from such a dark storm.



Much like clouds, we too are formless. Situations come and go, people we know today become memories and ultimately we too depart.


But I would like to suggest that before we depart, that we sing our melodies.

We are all instruments that can play a unique note in the vast symphony of life.


We are not defined by our looks, gender or social positions.

We can choose to be anything that we desire, like water we can choose to take whatever form we desire in the present moment.

That is your choice.

A face in a place, as Julia puts it.

Whoever you are

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, be there totally.

Deep thanks to Julia, to check out more of her work head over to
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